Speakers at Mobile Persuasion 2007

Ian Bogost, Ph.D. - Persuasive Games & Georgia Tech
Expertise: Persuading people with video games

Peter Boland, Ph.D.
- BeWell Mobile
Expertise: Using mobile phones to improve health

Mark Brooks - Mobile Dating Watch
Expertise: Explaining trends in online and mobile dating

Sunny Consolvo Intel Research & University of Washington
Expertise: Creating mobile technology to promote physical activity

Erik Damen, Ph.D. Pam
Expertise: Motivating people to walk more using mobile technology

Ame Elliot PARC: Palo Alto Research Center
Expertise: Understanding cultural issues in mobile design

BJ Fogg, Ph.D. Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab
Expertise: Creating insight into persuasive technology

Elizabeth Goodman UC Berkeley Information School
Expertise: Investigating how mobile imaging changes cultures

Paul Hedtke Qualcomm
Expertise: Distributing mobile technology for health promotion

Rachel Hinman Adaptive Path
Expertise: Creating mobile technology solutions

Eric Holmen, Smart Reply
Expertise: Marketing with mobile phones

Alex Kass, Accenture Technology Labs
Expertise: Optimizing human performance via mobile coaching

Deb Levine - Internet Sexuality Services, Inc.
Expertise: Creating mobile services that change sexual behavior

Mike Liebhold - Institute for the Future
Expertise: Forecasting the future of mobile experience

Jordy Mont-Renaud - Digital Chocolate
Expertise: Designing innovative mobile games

Jason Morse - AdMob
Expertise: Motivating people to buy mobile advertising

Mor Naaman, Ph.D. - Yahoo! Research Berkeley
Expertise: Creating a persuasive mobile photo application

Justin Oberman - Mopocket
Expertise: Using mobile phones for social change

Ian Smith - Intel Research
Expertise: Creating insight into mobile health promotion

Mirjana Spasojevic - Nokia Research Center
Expertise: Understanding how people use mobile technology

Sebastien Tanguay - My Food Phone
Expertise: Changing eating behavior via mobile imaging

Zaw Thet - 4INFO
Expertise: "The New m-Commerce Baron" - Business Week

Suzanne L. Thomas - Intel & EMPG
Expertise: Investigating mobile experience in emerging markets

Josh Ulm - Adobe Systems
Expertise: Designing for mobile

Susan Ayers Walker - SmartSilvers Alliance
Expertise: Connecting people with mobile health solutions

Steffen P. Walz - ETH Zurich
Expertise: Creating mobile games to motivate involvement with place

Gabriel White Frog Design
Expertise: Designing mobile experiences for emerging markets

Sean White Columbia University
Expertise: Conserving nature with mobile technology

Marcus Yoder – SVP, Veeker
Expertise: Using mobile video to change the world

Marion Zabinski Sensei
Expertise: Creating mobile solutions for weight management

The Program Design Team included:
- Jared Braiterman PhD - jaredRESEARCH
- Dean Eckles - Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab
- BJ Fogg PhD -
Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab
- R. Craig Lefebvre, PhD - Social Marketing Expert
- Jerry Michalski -
- Jordy Mont-Reynaud -
Digital Chocolate
- Brian Ong - Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab
- Kevin Patrick MD, MS - Prof. of Family & Preventive Medicine, UCSD
- Kim Reeves -
- Jason Tester - Institute for the Future