Gadgets and applications: how to protect your child

Gadgets ready to vouch for your child, many. Different shapes, colors, different technical principles. Everyone has its pros and cons. If you choose a device based on the situation, the shortcomings of the gadget can be turned into advantages. So we did.

Time-tested and child-proven devices

A Bluetooth bracelet will help you to watch your children having fun in the yard from the kitchen window. This is a very convenient and inexpensive device. You can find models that cost less than 1 thousand rubles. Look, what a charm.

In a megapolis Bluetooth will not help. You need an accurate GPS-navigation, which will provide multifunctional wristwatches-telephone. They can do too many things, so they cost more: from 3 thousand rubles. However, be careful when buying Chinese watches. They are not very friendly with domestic SIM cards.

By the way, on September 3 the sale of smart watches with Alice’s voice assistant from Yandex started. In addition to GPS-tracking and protection from unnecessary information, the clock will be able to entertain your child: play with him in the city. The price of the question is 7 thousand rubles.

Keyrings can also be equipped with a GPS beacon. On the outside, they resemble a child’s fan that can be easily attached to a backpack. To make the beacon even more discreet, you can sew it into your child’s clothes.

The rest of the devices are all sorts of tricks from engineers and developers. But if we forgot to mention something, a detailed list of devices can be found on The Village and Life.

Parental Applications

We’ve got the baby covered in beautiful gadgets, and then what? How to use it? The next step is to synchronize the device and the parent’s smartphone. The choice of application depends on you. Try and find the most suitable one for you.

Application “Beacon” from the Tyumen developers is tied to the device of your child: whether it is the above mentioned clock, keychain or bracelet. The application has a simple interface that allows you to see your child’s routes, for example, and mark unsafe areas.

You have surrounded your child with beautiful gadgets, and then what? How do I use this? The next step is to synchronize the device and the parent smartphone. The choice of application depends on you. Try and find the most suitable one for you.

The “Beacon” application from the Tyumen developers is attached to your child’s device: whether it is a watch, keychain or bracelet mentioned above. The application has a simple interface, with the help of which you, for example, will see the child’s routes, mark unsafe zones.

A mini-camera that captures movement will also help you not to worry about your child. Be sure that after school your child is okay: I ate on time and did not forget to do my homework.

As soon as he comes home, the sensor will “notice” it and send you a notification on your smartphone. In the My Home app you can watch the recorded video in the archive or watch the home environment online.

Child Cyber Security

We have to put up with the fact that the Internet space is now our second reality. Adults get into unpleasant situations on the Internet, and what to say about children.

In Russia, we are very concerned about the safety of children on the Internet. In addition to special courses for children and their parents, the government is dealing with cyber security. It is likely that a new “cyber”-section will be included in the OBL school curriculum.

Today, every parent can protect their child from unwanted content and, most importantly, from unpleasant people. We have already studied cyber defence in detail and honestly in our article “What should we tell children and pensioners about the Internet?

Protect the child and not hurt him

It’s important not to bend over a stick, protecting the child, so, except for jokes, watch the series “Arkangel” Black Mirror “first” (second series of the fourth season).

This is a series, bought by the giants Netflix, about the back side of the medal of rapidly developing technology. Arkangel” series tells about the device that follows the child, and how it can hurt.

Be careful and methodical when protecting children. Consult them and listen to them.