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Mobile application vulnerabilities and threats

According to statistics, in 2018, mobile applications were downloaded to users’ devices more than 200 billion times. According to Marketing Land, 57% of the time spent in digital space is the time spent on programs in smartphones or tablets. Mobile devices are firmly established in our lives: messengers, banking, business applications, personal offices of mobile …


Evolution of mobile phones

While selling phones today it is difficult not to notice how firmly they are rooted in our lives. My clients are 5 and 75 years old, and each of them has its own requirements to the mobile phone. Some choose the model only for communication, others want quality sound and picture, some “to pull the …


The history of mobile phone development

The first mass mobile phone, which appeared in 1984, only annoyed consumers. They were infected with the idea that the world could become mobile, and began to demand more. So all the following years, manufacturers were busy learning how to make phones smarter, lighter, smaller and more accessible. In 1996, Nokia’s efforts reached the next …