We are Mobile Persuasion

Mobile Persuasion is about possibilities; about discovering them and making them come true.

Our essence is innovation and giving every consumer in the world access to the latest technological developments.

The importance of communication and connectivity are the spark that ignited our interest in applying our philosophy in the field of mobile telephony, imagining and creating technology that improves the lives of our users.

Mobile Persuasion is the point where freedom of movement, technological development, obsession with detail and innovation converge. All our pillars are revived every time one of our mobile phones is turned on.

Welcome to a world of possibilities. Welcome to Mobile Persuasion.

Designed in the United States

Mobile Persuasion is a reinterpretation of communication concepts, with a passionate focus on detail and development and manufacturing processes.

From concept and design, developed in Silicon Beach, Miami and Silicon Valley in California, to final production, we guarantee the delivery of our vision. Each device created by Hyundai Mobile is the materialization of our philosophy of innovation, history and values.

History of

When the road is distant and hard, we at Mobile Persuasion Corporation see it as a road to new business opportunities. When we choose that path, we do so by creating mutually beneficial relationships, meeting and fulfilling goals along the way.

Whether it’s manufacturing cars, developing electrical train engineering, industrial machinery, or designing and producing mobile phones, Mobile Persuasion is committed to excellence in all its executions.

The relentless pursuit of opportunities in new markets is the engine that drives our growth. It is the force that motivates us to embark around the world in projects of dimensions that require investment and represent a challenge. This passion resides in our own essence, which is the very definition of the Mobile Persuasion brand.

Today, as always, Mobile Persuasion Corporation pushes boundaries with change and relentless innovation to deliver the greatest value.

We combine investment capital, technology and the best ideas to give our consumers new and exciting products.

Welcome to the world of Mobile Persuasion.

We cover the entire life cycle of a mobile project:

  • Initial consulting to decide the functionalities of the app, the development phases and the business model. We help define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and identify possible project risks from the start.
  • Graphic design for mobile and web apps, with UX’s own team.
  • Development of native apps, hybrids or HTML5 solutions, according to customer needs.
  • Programming of backends, administration panels, content management panels, communication APIs and web solutions.
  • Automatic tests, usability tests, A/B tests.
  • Definition and execution of the Mobile Marketing Plan.
  • Start-up of servers and publication of apps.
  • Maintenance and updating of apps and servers.
  • Training.

Some figures about Mobile:

  • More than 200 mobile applications developed to measure for companies, startups and public administrations.
  • More than 30 native apps created for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.
  • More than 15,000,000 downloads worldwide in own apps.