Next Event: Mobile Persuasion in 2009

The Persuasive Technology Lab will host Mobile Persuasion early in 2009. You can reserve your spot today. If you’ve never heard of Mobile Persuasion, read on . . .

Mobile Persuasion engages and inspires
Over 260 people came to Stanford University for the first Mobile Persuasion conference in 2007. Hosted by Stanford's
Persuasive Technology Lab, this "sold out" event brought together innovators, designers, and researchers interested in mobile technologies that change people’s beliefs and behaviors.

During one day 30 people shared their work in 10-minute presentations, followed by panel discussions. Those attending learned techniques for using mobile phones as platforms for persuasion in health, commerce, activism, and more. Some presenters shared new research results (for example, how to give motivating visual feedback on mobile phones), while other people explained mobile persuasion services their companies will launch in the near future. For more info about Mobile Persuasion, email the Event Chair,
Dr. BJ Fogg.

Book Now Available

The Mobile Persuasion event led to a book that collects the best insights: Mobile Persuasion: 20 Perspectives on the Future of Behavior Change.


We appreciated sponsorship from these innovative organizations:
Nokia Research Center,
Institute for the Future,
U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and
Stanford Media-X.